Our services

Cloud Platform

 The Cloud platform integrates the Household Infrastructure and inputs from all Households.  It aggregates all user data and ensures that all e-services are data regulation compliant.  Fintech,  e-Govt,  e-Health, e-education and streaming media.  The platform allows for remote management and monitoring of the equipment ensuring speedy repair or replacement of components.  The platform also ensures an accurate record of carbon credits generated through the use of the smart stove where implemented. 

Internet connectivity and streaming media

A WIFI / GSM connected router and Android processor provide Internet connectivity with associated content – media,  e-education, e-health,  e-Govt and Fintech

Solar Powered battery and lights

Solar PV with Lithium battery and LED lights

Clean cooking

The PowerQueen is a double burner clean cookstove that uses Top Lit Up Draft (TLUD) gasifier technology using biomass pellets as fuel feedstock.  IOT connected.