Unlocking the potential of Africa and her peoples while preserving the environment

We provide

Broadband networks

Providing robust, offgrid and affordable connectivity through the latest WIFI technologies. Backhaul is provided by either terrrestrial operators such as MNO's or via satellite services like Starlink.

Solar Home System

Solar panel and battery. Renewable power for LED lights, the internet router, Android processor, TV monitor and for charging appliances and devices.

Low Cost Internet Access

Providing online education, e-health, e-Government, financial services, streaming media and entertainment. Every 10% increase in Internet penetration boost GDP by 1% (McKinsey)

The Purpose of TOMBOLO is to unlock the potential of over 650m Africans by providing low cost Internet access and digital services together with optional appliances providing clean cooking, potable water and sanitary toilets. All in line with the SDG's.

Clean cooking

In conjunction with strategic partners we provide smart IOT connected stoves that use locally manufactured biomass pellets and generate 5 Tonnes of Carbon credits per annum per household and reverses deforestation

Poor communities remain poor because of the cycle of poverty.  Tombolo will intervene to break this cycle through the introduction of smart technologies, renewable energy solutions and business models; that will catalyse a change in behaviour and lead to a reduction in carbon emissions, reduction in the degradation of the environment, improvement in education, improvement in health and economic indicators.